I am a Southside Chicago native, and a US Army Ranger Combat Veteran of 6 years.

Both growing up in what I later came to realize was unfortunately very similar to a warzone, as well as being deployed to war zones around the world, I continued to rack up immense PTSD, depression, and crushing guilt with every life I took or saw taken for those years. I came home to a person who tortured me and psychologically abused me for four years. After intense prayer, positive manifestation, and a plan, I made my way out of what Juice would call the “Abyss”.

I had a brother in the Hip Hop industry who was killed not long after the passing of Juice, and I reached a really low point. Just when it seemed all was lost, God brought the woman of my dreams into my life and she nursed and nurtured me lovingly back to health. Although I am still disabled to an extent, I am more able than Ive ever been, and the happiest I have ever been.

Juice’s music helped me through a whole lot of all this, and just like he said himself, you have POWER over your depression. YOU CAN DO IT!!! NEVER GIVE UP!!! I love you and miss you Jarad! 9994L