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Ethan’s Story

I am a 14-year-old male from Australia, and have suffered from depression since 4th grade. For the past 6 years I have had at least

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Derrick’s Story

I’ve been through the ringer more than one deserves, maybe I’m that one. As a kid I had so many incidents where I came close

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Devin’s Story

When I was 13 I started experiencing depressive episodes. I could tell that something was off but I was too scared to tell anyone. I

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Anonymous Submission

I type this as I struggle daily with bipolar disorder, I run through flurries of emotions in minutes somedays and others I will be an

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Demetrious’ Story

Hey, my name is Demetrious and I’m currently battling depression and anxiety real bad. I try to keep myself busy so I won’t think about

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Hopkins’ Story

I am a Southside Chicago native, and a US Army Ranger Combat Veteran of 6 years. Both growing up in what I later came to

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