I’m Italian and from Venice. Whoever is reading this I hope that you have a wonderful day and a beautiful life. You are the best flower in this wrld. The reason that I’m here now is to tell you about a period where I had depression and I fought very hard to get out of it. I was lonely, I had no friends, I was bad at school, and I had a lot of bad assumptions and paranoias that were ruining my life. I really think that if I didn’t meet Juice, probably in this moment I’d be dead by suicide. Our minds are very complicated and if you see a thing that is wrong for you, you are down in one minute. Our touches, our moments, our feelings are down and this probably will be forever if we don’t cure it. Music is not the only way to get out. There are sports, friends, people, and etc. Slowly and slowly, you can get up and beat everything.