You Are Not Alone

#999Stories of Mental Health

Live Free 999 encourages everyone to speak openly about mental health. In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, we have created this space to share the stories sent to us from our audience to inspire others to share their own journeys, creating a virtual story-telling chain of community and support.

Want to join the conversation? Share your story with us.

Notice: Some of the stories shared may contain topics that could be emotionally triggering to some members of our audience. Topics such as suicide, self-harm, substance abuse, and trauma are discussed.

Hayden’s Story

My name is Hayden, I’ve struggled with depression and being the lowest of the lows reaching for anything that would numb the pain. As I got older, I was driving all of my friends and family away with my addiction and outlook on life. I was constantly in my head with nights on nights with no sleep. I felt as if I was the problem and just wanted to eliminate myself from the situation thinking it would make everyone’s life

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Skoops’ Story

I struggled through my dad’s death at only 9 years old and that trauma led me to substance abuse and dependance and addiction. I just wanted to let you know it always gets better. I’m 3 months clean, I have the love of my life, and I have a job doing what i love, graffiti.

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Emma’s Story

Hi. I’m Emma. I’m not that young, but I’m not that old either. It feels like I’m too young to be feeling the feels I been feeling, but I’m too old to cry. I’ve never shown my feelings to anybody. I don’t feel safe with it, I’ve never had anybody who understands. Everybody thinks my life is so perfect. I had a fairly good childhood. My parents are still married. I had a roof over my head and food on

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Chloe’s Story

I struggle with depression, PTSD, bipolar, and anxiety. For many years, these felt like harsh labels. It was a hard road of self-harm and therapies, not to mention my family situation. I heard Legends one day, and the captivating ability to sing, let alone rap, about his struggles really reached me. It felt like it showed me how I can express my pain and struggles in a positive way without hurting anyone or myself. It has helped me through a

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Emmanel’s Story

When I was 9, I was told that I might not make it to the age of 21, and to this day I still fear death. I found Jarad’s music, and it basically changed how my life was once nothing but trash, to now it has hope, it has meaning, and it has purpose.  Now I know that I’m not alone, I’m not going through the same sh** alone. Now I know that Jarad’s words will fill my heart with

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Edwin’s Story

I have been struggling with Depression over the past months due to a relationship that I am no longer in. I currently go to music therapy to play guitar, and music is really helping me get my mind off of the unhealthy relationship I was in. Music for me is full of positive energy. I try to forget about my past trauma, but it keeps on coming back to me. Music is such a beautiful thing and I hope to

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