You Are Not Alone

#999Stories of Mental Health

Live Free 999 encourages everyone to speak openly about mental health. In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, we have created this space to share the stories sent to us from our audience to inspire others to share their own journeys, creating a virtual story-telling chain of community and support.

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Robert’s Story

From a very young age I could always remember my parents being alcoholics and drug addicts. I remember being 3 years old running away from cops, and watching my parents fight, scream, and yell at each other. This caused me to have many problems through my life. At 3 years old I was diagnosed with PTSD. I remember being ripped from my dad’s arms, screaming and crying by what used to be called CPS, and being taken to a new

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Angel’s Story

As a kid I’ve always had things going on with my family. My biggest downhill was when I got into my freshman year of high school. I have always done terrible in school, but this was a whole different level. I was getting F’s in all my classes I was going through a lot. I put a lot of stress on my family. I was doing a lot of drugs and drinking a lot. I did not know why, it

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Amanda’s Story

I have struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my life. I can’t really remember a time when I didn’t. There are many days that it literally takes every amount of strength I have to get out of bed. Anxiety makes it hard to leave my house and that can accelerate my depression as I feel guilty for not going out and doing the things I should be doing. Sometimes it feels like there is only one way out

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Alex’s Story

I’m 15 years old. Ever since a small child I’ve been raised by my mother. She was struggling with substance abuse nearly the whole time. The drug abuse eventually turned into mental abuse towards me an my little sister. When i was 12 she passed away, then I got sent to live with my grandparents. Since about 10 years old, the only thing getting me through it was Juice. His first song I fell in love with was RUN. RUN

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Lisse’s Story

My story starts in 2015 when I was sexually assaulted, and had issues with working through it. In late 2016/early 2017 I finally admitted I needed help and found a psychiatric hospital to admit myself to. I was struggling with depression and self-harming. I finally started to feel like I was feeling better. I finally felt happy and okay. Then in April 2017, my dad’s cancer spread to his spine and eventually ended up, within a few days, passing away.

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Nicholas’ Story

I’d first like to say to anyone reading this…You are worth something. I’ll try to summarize everything in at least a few paragraphs. I’ve always been a Juice WRLD fan… Since his 999 EP dropped. I was in middle school at the time, people called me weird, fat, ugly, all kinds of names. They said I’m always listening to weird music, I wore the lamest clothes, I needed my hairline fixed. It was funny to see them hop on the

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