I’ll be honest I don’t know where to start, mostly because I don’t know when it originated. What I’ve been suffering from and the effects it’s caused. For a while I just felt worthless, like I had no future or no tomorrow to look forward to, I just dragged the days as they went by. And I’ll admit in my life I’ve suffered loss from family members passing on, or relationships that have ended, failures of ideas, academics, trials. I didn’t think then that it would change me and not for the better. And finally, I started noticing it in February of this year and realized it wasn’t who I was when I was younger. It was like I was a completely different person. Filled with sadness, hatred, and resentment (not just towards the world but towards myself). I decided to get mental help and since March of this year, been in therapy. Though, I’ve been in it a short time, and I’m far from the end, I’m making it my priority to get back to where I was as a person.