My name is Amanda. I am 34 years old, and I’ve been dealing with addiction since 2008. The first time i did Roxys I instantly fell in love. There was no escaping the relationship I had with Roxy. It grabbed me and I just couldn’t stop. It just felt too good to escape. For once in my life I finally felt like I had the feelings I had been missing my whole life. It was like I was finally feeling like I wasn’t sad and depressed. Me and my boyfriend used together. Juice WRLD’s relationship with his girlfriend Lotti is exactly how it was with me and my boyfriend. If we were high we were good. Things escalated through the years to harder drugs, and my depression and anxiety got worse. I took drugs every day to numb the pain of my life and childhood. In between I’ve been abused and raped. I can totally relate to Juice WRLD and everything he must have felt when escaping and using pills to feel normal and not in his own head. Mental health and addiction are so real and not talked about enough. I finally have admitted myself into rehab after almost killing myself 5 times. If I didn’t stop, I could easily be dead… I have listened to Juice WRLD and it has made me get through some of the hardest moments and depression. I adore him and have gotten 999 tatted on my arm to remind me …Thanks, God Bless all, and best wishes