I always feel empty and depressed and anxious. I remember why it started, I started to become depressed at 8 years old when I was sexually abused. Ever since then I just became a totally different person. I wouldn’t participate in any activities; I would just lay in my bed all day crying for what happened and anxiety would give me panic attacks. In 5th grade my mental health was so horrible that it was hard to sleep or eat. Half the time I don’t feel like I’m there. It’s like I feel like I’m in a dream and I can wake up at any moment.  One day I was scrolling through YouTube, and I saw the song Lucid Dreams and started listening and I loved it. I kept listening to it every day and started listening more to Juice WRLD.  When I listen to Juice, I can relate to most of the things he says in his songs. His songs were my coping method. When I would feel sad or anxious i would listen to Juice for hours and hours. In 7th grade I was devastated to hear that he passed away, but to this day I still listen to Juice WRLD because his songs are beyond remarkable. To this day I still feel sad but I’m getting therapy now and they are giving me advice on what to do when I feel these feelings. One advice I have for people struggling is to get help, whether it’s a friend or a family member or a professional.  Now what helps me through tough times is to go on a walk on the beach listening to music or skateboarding, riding a bike, or just listen to music.