As a kid I’ve always had things going on with my family. My biggest downhill was when I got into my freshman year of high school. I have always done terrible in school, but this was a whole different level. I was getting F’s in all my classes I was going through a lot. I put a lot of stress on my family. I was doing a lot of drugs and drinking a lot. I did not know why, it just felt like I had to. It seemed like when I wasn’t sober, I wasn’t going through anything. I didn’t have any problems. I snuck out a lot to do bad things with my friends. During my sophomore year (COVID), I went through a very depressing state in my mind. I felt constantly drained. In my terrible state of mind I would take time to really think about everything I’ve done. I wanted my life to change and I knew it wouldn’t just magically change ouJt of nowhere. I changed my habits threw away the drugs, tossed out any liquor I had, and just worked on my mental strength. I started working harder in school. I wanted to do everything possible to change myself. I started to be a more positive person all around. Along the way I found a girl who is following me along my path and supports me with everything and loves me for who I am. Juice’s music helped me with a lot of this. I would constantly have Juice’s voice playing through my headphones.

My advice to anyone going through hard times is to try your hardest. Don’t downgrade yourself. You are worth way more than you think. Push through your challenges, build your strength, and fight for the life you want.