I am 20 years old and I was in a deep state of depression a couple years back when I was 16. My relationship with my mom started to go down the drain and we would fight and argue about everything. She said some hurtful things to me that I couldn’t stop thinking about and I used to cry at night hearing her voice in my head calling me out of my name. Once Covid-19 started I didn’t see or talk to my friends as much and I was just stuck in the house 24/7 with nothing but my thoughts. Being alone during Covid made me want to attempt suicide. But as the years went on I found a way to cope with my thoughts and feelings in which I would take a walk at night to anywhere with my headphones in listening to Juice WRLD. His music made me feel like I’m not alone and he motivated me not to give up on myself. He gives out so much positive vibes, all I can do is smile. My advice to anyone going through depression is to never give up because there is always light at the end of a dark tunnel.