Hello everyone, my experience with Anxiety and depression started at 14 years old. During COVID-19 I stayed in my room for so long that I lost all my social skills. During those times in my room I developed Anxiety and Depression, throughout time it was just getting worse and worse to a point where I now stay homeschooled even know my public school opened back up. Ever since 15 years old I’ve felt so detached from myself.. I’m now 16. I can’t even be myself around other people because I feel so out of place within my mind and body, Derealization comes up on me everyday. As if I’m being blocked by something from being Myself. I’m so afraid I’ll never truly be myself again, I put on Juice’s music when I feel like I’m the only person going through these things. I’ve heard Jared talk about Derealization before and that made me feel more comfortable. I wanna let everybody know that if you are going through these things your not the ONLY person in the world going through these intrusive thoughts, derealization, depersonalization, social anxiety, lost of social skills, loneliness, no friends and other problemsĀ  that I did not state. I am 16 years old about to be 17 in 2 months and I’m still not healed at all but hearing Juice WRLD’s music and relating to it is definitely a good sense of reassurance that I’m not going crazy within myself. I love you all I pray that y’all and myself get through all your mental problems. It’s possible šŸ™