I don’t know when it started, but I just know I’m so unhappy and I keep trying every day to keep going but sometimes I want to not be here anymore. My heart was broken by the person I trusted the most and yet was replaced like nothing. I guess I started feeling worthless and useless because I feel like no matter how much effort I put out, I don’t get anything in return; so what’s the point of even trying. What goes thru my mind is that I don’t matter. I get depressed and then I feel like I just want to be at peace already with my mind and stop feeling what I feel. I try to explain it to others but it’s always “why”. It’s just hard to deal with anxiety and depression when no one else gets it. Hearing Juice calms me and what he says are words and feelings I thought no one understood, but he does. I wish he was here still just so I can know I’m not alone, but his music makes me feel safe. For some reason it’s peaceful. Just hearing him seeing how he makes it easy to relate to someone I don’t even know, but yet he understood it. I just learned you can’t let your thoughts get the best of you because you gotta make negative thoughts into positive ones and don’t let it get the best of you. #999Stories