I’m 18 and I’m a victim of Juice’s strong impact in this world. He helped me more then he will ever know.  Ever since I heard Lean With Me, I’ve  loved juice❣️. REST IN PEACE SWEET BOY… I started at age 12 when I was around my brothers and their friends drinking and I was raped… I told my mom, and she took me to the police station. They sent him to prison for 2 years. That’s it. Everyone thought a 12-year-old girl was lying about having sex when she didn’t even know about sex. That’s when I hit ice for the first time.  Then after I lost my grandma, my auntie, and my cousin, I tried pills for the first time but I didn’t think nothing of it. It wasn’t until I turned 16 and got with my first older boyfriend that my life went downhill. It was good with him at first, until I caught him smoking ice.  I hit it once then he started to beat me daily, so I started smoking it daily to not feel the pain. I was cutting myself not wanting to live, letting myself starve. I’ve never been small in my entire life, but I was with him… Hoping my last hit would be my last breath, but I pushed myself hard to stop the dope and walk away from him. it’s been almost a year since I’ve self-harmed. I know that not really nothing when some of y’all been going longer than me without doing it, but I was just telling y’all my story. Thank for reading I guess.

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