I’ve struggled with so much. I’ve got bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, adhd, ocd this list just keeps growing too. I was searching for some kind of relief or a breath of fresh air so I found Vyvanse and that lead me to oxycodone and then I continued to just try and end my life slowly with the oxy’s and that didn’t work. eventually I got therapy and some medication management and I’m doing a lot better. I do have my days but for the most part I’m pretty good. I found some meds that work for me and a therapist that works for me and I hope all of you can do the same and I hope none of you ever experiment with drugs that are not prescribed to you. it’s dangerous and killing yourself only gives your pain to your family and friends and even passes on to people you would never expect I love you all 999. 

Text LF999 to 741741 to reach the Crisis Text Line for free crisis counseling.
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