Hey everyone. My whole life I have been a very happy, fun, outgoing free spirit. My whole life growing up, I have always wanted to be accepted. I am a person who friended anyone and everyone, with no judgement. I ended up getting to get exactly what I wanted. I gained tons of friends, became very popular and socially accepted by many. I’ve always been a girl that has never been afraid to try anything at least once, just to say I’ve done it. 

I started dibble dabbling into drugs with friends. It seemed like the “cool thing” to do. At age 20 I thought I met the “Love of my life”. I always had many boyfriends, but when I met him, I assumed he was the one. In 2009, my boyfriend (age 19) died in a tragic death. A fire that got started in his bedroom. The day he died, a part of me died. After that, I turned towards drugs even harder. It’s almost like I didn’t care if I died or not, because I knew I could be with the love of my life again. After being a little over 10 years now, in and out of recovery from drugs and alcohol, I am age 34 and still fighting the devil of drugs and my addiction. It’s true when they say it gets worse never better. At age 24, January 17, 2012, I fell Dead from a brain aneurysm. There were at least 300 friends of mine who came to visit me at the hospital. The doctors had me on life support because they didn’t know if I was going to make it. I had to learn how to walk, talk and eat all over again. With God’s grace and mercy, amazing Doctors, and having 9 brain surgeries later, this walking miracle miraculously survived! God gave me another chance to live and to tell my story, and I am now doing just that. Nobody said I was going to be perfect. I am diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder, extremely high anxiety and sometimes very down and down on myself.  It effects my relationships, work, being a mother, social activities, etc. I try my hardest to be the best version of myself every day, even when I fall short. If you are struggling with addiction, there is help out there! If nobody has told you that they love you today, well I do!!!!!