2021 Art Contest Winners

Top Submission by Emily Walser

The left side of the painting represents hope and positivity. Juice Wrld is looking up almost like he’s hoping, praying for change and for things to get better. I painted this side in colour to represent the brighter aspects of our lives, our passions, the things that make life worth living. The blooming flowers show growth, change and the beauty of life. 

The right side is a picture of Juice Wrld looking down, the flowers are dying and the right side is completely in black and white. Mental illness can strip us of the things we love, our passions and our hopes. It can make the whole entire world feel dull like we’re stuck in a stalemate or “grey area” in life. 

The entire piece represents the internal battle with mental illness. The left side shows what others may see, the passion and the art of what we produce and the right side shows how we may see ourselves or how we feel most days.

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Travis Garcia

Inspired by the lyrics “Drain out bad energy” in Juice WRLD’s song, “Bad Energy”. Ths lyrics, “drain out bad energy” gave me an idea of how I should approach the drawing. I thought about, instead of “draining out bad energy” what is an alternate way I could say, “taking your negatives into positives”. So I thought of, “blowing out positive energy”, illustrated by  the idea of blowing bubbles.


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Christopher Valitutti

Inspired by  one of my favourite lines Juice always said, “fight your demons”. With this in mind my drawing is of Juice Wrld slaying his evil thoughts and demons with the 999 Blade. 

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Anna Wells

My inspiration for this submission was to capture the beauty of what life has to offer; peace that one can find amidst the pain and sadness. From listening to Juice for years, I could always hear the deep pain he was going through. So, I wanted to create this piece to show that although life can be depressing and full of anxiety at times, that looking to nature and to God’s creations, you can find a source of peace; a light in the darkness. 

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Ashley Allie

My inspiration behind this submission came from the Juice Wrld song called “Fighting Demons”. It is no surprise that Juice Wrld was battling something greater than him, in his music he often would rap about mental illness and even may refer to them as none other than, demons. If you look closely, you can see all of the demons have wrapped around half of his body, almost taking control of him. The guitar is what he used as his weapon to escape these demons. As he swings the guitar the demons are ripped off of him. 

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Live Free 999 Contributing Artists

Exhale Depression Merchandise Graphic

Designed by Carlos Jr | @cjdjart

Live Free 999 Logo

Designed by Aeka | @artslip_