My struggles with anxiety and depression have made me suffer for as long as i can remember, and hearing Jarad’s music for the first time made me realize I wasn’t alone. I have had many things happen that have made my anxiety and depression worse but with people at my side it has slowly disappearing if you can call it that. I feel happier thankful for Jarad and his team. My anxiety has always been my root for my loneliness, and I encourage people to go out of their way to talk to people and make friends even with anxiety, sometimes the best thing you can do is talk to people about your problems and take advice from everyone that’s willing to give you advice. My step father has been a very bad influence on my life and has brought me more pain than any of romantic relationship I have had. It’s hard to grow when you didn’t have something you need such as a father figure, and I’m glad I listened to Jarad when I did because when I met him he became that father figure i never had.


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