My uncle died in April 2022 and no one really understands how badly the loss of him affected me. While everyone mourned a bit, I’m still suffering. He was my mentor in boxing, and at the age of 6 he introduced me into the world of video games and movies. I can still see him in my sleep in his final moments; matter of fact, I see him everywhere I go and do and see and hear. Though my uncle didn’t speak English we both enjoyed Sunday nights listening to Juice Wrlds music while talking about how far I’ve gotten in life and how much more I got to go. He was my therapist, my psychologist, my best friend. He was my everything. I could always talk to him about things my parents wouldn’t understand or care to listen. While everyone is yelling at me to move on or to suck it up and to let him rest, I suffer and bleed in silence. If anyone has some advice, I could really use it. All this stress has brought my seizures back. I don’t sleep or eat properly. The day my uncle died something really big inside me died as well. I need someone badly before I lose my darn head. My world is constant torment and gloomy. It’s always dark and cloudy even when the sun is out. I can’t find a reason to smile or to look forward to. Though my family comes from money it doesn’t satisfy me. What satisfied me was every Sunday and Monday afternoon listening to music and talking about the mistakes we’ve made, how it has made us better. Rest In Peace uncle may you find your way home and if by some miracle in reason even though I’m a sinner save me a seat next to you. I love you Tio Braulio.

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