I’ve struggled with some anxiety and pretty severe depression since I was 12 years old (I turn 21 in a month).  For years I hated myself and felt like I was nothing, wished that I was nothing and even tried to be nothing.  It’s been some very dark years with even darker thoughts.  At first, really the only thing that helped was listening to xxxtentacion’s music because it expressed how I felt inside.  Well eventually, he got killed and there I was, trapped in the abyss again with no light.  I was heartbroken that the one person I wanted to hear from got taken away from me.  But then my best friend found Juice Wrld and showed me two of his songs (guess which songs they were).  After that I was hooked and I finally knew that there were other people that felt as sad and lost as I did.  Even though he was a star and could do anything he wanted, he still came from that raw unfiltered place when he made music and really just put his heart on the track every song.  Especially his unreleased songs, it’s like he’s just talking and relating to his friends about pain they all feel.  So for that and many many other reasons, I’ll wear my 999 chain for the rest of my life.  Might as well, Juice saved mine. 999 forever