Since I was young, my twin brother and I were abused by our stepfather. Our mom got cancer, and it only worsened. It was a battle between trying to stay out of depression while being abused, caring for our mother, and Mom being on a constant teeter-totter between life and death.

In 2019, at the ages of 15, our mother died. It took that to move out away from our stepfather and in with our sister. Things went smoothly (except for a few emotionally challenging relationships). I even found my biological father in this time, and he’s amazing. It was smooth sailing until after high school when we moved out.

Between partying, not being able to see my brother, and constantly being in and out of relationships, I felt lonely and turned to drugs.

In July 2022, three days after my mom’s birthday, I overdosed on Percs, the same drug that took my celebrity idol, Juice WRLD. I was lost for most of the year when I met the love of my life. She’s encouraged me to do so much more with my life.

Now, in 2024, I’m releasing an album and starting my own record label, with my brother right by my side as the CFO of the company and a manager for my friends and artists in Indiana and Pennsylvania. And I really couldn’t be happier.The moral of my story is to never give up. The light at the end of your hardships is always brighter than the darkness inside the tunnel. Keep pushing, you’ll make it. Maybe not today, maybe not even tomorrow, but eventually, you’ll find your happiness.

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