In 2020 I was 11. I started smoking to deal with the stress of the pandemic. Once I got back to school it became a social thing for me to smoke with friends. I lost touch with my real friends and started hanging out with people who only wanted me because I had drugs. It put things into perspective and showed me what to look for in real friends, but at that point it was already too late. I was addicted. It took over my life to a point where I would be sick without anything to hold me over. In the summer of 2022, I started experimenting with harder drugs like coke, xans, and acid. It messed with my brain to a point where I was so tired of the addiction, I attempted suicide. That was November 15th 2023. I went to the hospital and went through 9 days in the psych ward. As of today, I am 17 days sober.

Text LF999 to 741741 to reach the Crisis Text Line for free crisis counseling.
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