I don’t know where to start, I guess I’ll introduce me and my friend George for you. We’re 18, pretty much the same person. Listened to the same music, played the same video games, and even sometimes accidentally talked to the same girls. George was taken this past Sunday 9/4/22. Juice Wrld always gave us something to connect about, and he always told me if we got to be friends with Juice life would just be perfect. George was no doubt one of his biggest fans. These past few days I’ve been replaying all the songs we used to play and just love, whether we were turning up, or driving around, or even when we were upset there was always a Juice Wrld song to match our feelings. George was the one to talk me out of it of course but Juice Wrld gave us something to do. Just sit there and listen and feel each word. Both of our legends saved my life and trust me I’d trade mine to bring them back in a heartbeat. I know he is now with Juice and happier than ever, 999 will forever be a part of me.