I’m currently 25 years old.  I remember when I was 12 my mom got diagnosed with cancer and it made my whole world go crashing down. I was rebellious, depressed and had really bad anxiety. Which lead me to popping pills, smoking weed, and drinking. My mom ended up passing away when I was 15 and that broke me even more. I was doing so much stupid stuff out of anger and depression which lead to lots of legal troubles and being in and out of rehab. When i turned 24 i completed outpatient and did 8 months at a half-way house. I’m proud to be sober for 2 years. The programs I did taught me a lot including making me closer with GOD. I pray every night before i sleep and started surrounding myself around healthier, happier, and caring people. Being 25 now I still battle with severe depression and anxiety but that’s ok. As long as I communicate with friends and family when I’m having my bad days it helps me heal and learn about what triggered me by talking about my hardships. Life is beautiful you only get one so never be afraid to reach out on your bad days even if you got to call the suicide hotline to talk at your low moment and talk it out to help heal the soul. Life is like a machine, we are juggling all these balls and panic when they hit the ground but that’s ok. It’s what we do from there picking ourselves back up focusing on what’s important. It’s family, friends and just living life.