My name is James, and I’m a recovering heroin addict. I spent many of my years in active addiction, using many different drugs. However, once I tried heroin everything else stopped. My main focus was getting high to numb the pain, help with my depression, and to feel normal.  I ended up having a beautiful little girl, and have spent her whole life attempting to get sober. I’ve spent time in jails, rehabs, and homeless since she was born. I wanted to be sober for her but wasn’t ready to get sober for myself, so I continuously would dig deeper holes and experience all new bottoms. I believe being in active addiction is like a living hell. July 4,2020 is my sobriety date. I stopped doing things my way. Started following the will of my higher power. Met amazing sober people and didn’t give up hope. My life is crazy amazing today, and totally different from how I lived in the past. I am there for people that are struggling for support. If you’re still struggling and are tired there’s help out there! We don’t have to live in hell!!! 999