I struggled with anxiety and depression for many years. It all started with my dad getting sick and needed a lung transplant. He ended up getting the transplant, but the constant care of him was unbearable. I turned to drugs. I was using since the age of 12 years old. It started with alcohol and then went to weed and pills. My choice was Xanax and I was using one day and decided I was going to end it and took 19 pills and I survived by the grace of god was in the psych ward for 7 days. That’s when I found juice wrld music after I got out in 2018 and been an inspiration to me ever since. His music helped me through the hardest situation in life I’ve had. Like losing two cousins- one od’ed and one choked on his vomit. Plus I od’ed again on Percs and morphine in 2023 was in the ICU on life support for a few days had a collapsed lung. Was the worst time but I had Juice WRLD’s music by my side to comfort me. Plus my dad passed a week after I was in the hospital. Been so tough but I got Juice’s music to help me get through everything every day.

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