Hello, my name is Joey. I am 16 years old, and I was born with Cerebral Palsy. When I was younger, I was judged by the way I walked or looked. Sometimes I wondered if I would walk different my whole life. When I got to middle school, the bullying got worse. I was judged by girl and teachers because I walked different. Sometimes I want to harm myself, because no one would care if I did. When I got into my 8th grade year, I had surgery on my foot so I can walk normal. Everything went well with the surgery. A few months after the surgery, I was bullied again. I wanted to take my own life. I was on SoundCloud listening to music until I heard Rich and Blind. Juice helped me with my depression. He was going through the same problems I went through. Juice helped me a lot. He told me in his lyrics that everyone isn’t perfect. You are just who you are. Now I’m in the 11th grade about to be in 12th. Every time I’m feeling down I just listen to a Juice Wrld song to get me through it.