Growing up at a young age, my life was very well it wasn’t too long ago to when I was constantly unhappy or felt alone. I never really was the type of person to show my emotions, so nowadays when I talk to people, I feel like they’ll take advantage of me showing a softer side so I always kept to myself and let it grow inside me. I would always argue with my family and feel like they don’t love me, which I still feel today. Some of the things they did that made me feel this way were things like ignoring me, often yelling at me and not my siblings, often wanting more than what I can give, often tell me I’m stupid, an idiot, good for nothing etc. After a while these things really start to get into my skin and affect me. At the time these things were happening constantly, almost every day. I had just lost the only woman I’ve ever really loved. I was devastated. I felt as if my whole life was crumbing around me. I then later on started using substances which I will later regret doing. The substances were pills/codeine. It wasn’t until one of my closest friends convinced me before I left the state to stop doing these things because I was only hurting myself. I’ve been tempted to start over with pills and codeine, but I always think of how disappointed my friend will be. The only thing that helps me stay with myself is Juice WRLD’s music. I’m never happier than when I listen to it. Even when I’m stuck late at night with my thoughts, I Just turn on some of his music and the thoughts drift off. Something I can say is one of the best things for when you end the addiction to a substance is have people by ur side helping u every step of the way.