My name is Jordynn and I live in BC Canada. I have Tourette Syndrome and major anxiety and depression. On May 3rd, 2021, my dad unexpectedly passed away from a major heart attack in my house. I remember staring at his body. He was not him. I wanted to hug him so tight as his soul left into heaven. Two months later, my best friend committed suicide. I self-harmed almost every day and I vape every day until I’m sick. When I was 12, I came across a video on YouTube called Elders React to Juice WRLD. I immediately fell in love with him and his music. I could tell he was struggling just like me. Jarad’s legacy will forever live on and I now know that I am not alone. Last week, I came out as transgender so I am now a female. I am getting a lot of love for it. I will always remember Jarad and the impact he put on this world. 999 FOR LIFE!!