My name is Kenna I am 21 years old from Philadelphia. When I was 2 my mom died from an overdose, so I grew up in a broken home with a lot of solitude. I ended up confining in the streets for love and acceptance. I dropped out of school to get more money for drugs, which put me in more dangerous situations than I would have thought. It didn’t take long until I became homeless with my current boyfriend at the time. We didn’t really love each other, but we loved the drugs so it quickly turned into a very abusive relationship. I tried to end my life twice by overdosing. I thought I was never going to make it out of the streets and the grip drugs had on me. Jarad’s music is what kept me going knowing I wasn’t alone. I felt insane and alone, but when I listen to his music I know I’m not. Every time I feel alone I listen to him. I now will have a year clean in June! It’s been a long rocky road of recovery for me but I know Jarad is watching over us and I will help carry his message.