I have ADHD, and ever since I was a little kid I was a nightmare to deal with. I have issues with my behaviour, impulsiveness, and just being a really bad kid in general. I was so selfish and didn’t care about my own family. I was horrible to everyone all the time and being naughty. I’m not very good at writing as you can probably tell from this, but I also struggled to learn at school when I was younger due to my ADHD being really bad.

I could never focus in class and was always busy daydreaming and being a class clown.

I did get bullied a lot daily by the popular kids, because I was so different to everyone else, behaviour wise.

The bullying got so bad, to the point I had extreme stomach aches and pains caused by anxiety. I was scared to go to school another day, just to get mentally and physically abused by the popular kids and others who were really strong. People punched me a lot.

I dropped out of school when I was in year 8.  In the UK that would be the second year of secondary school. I would resort to smoking weed with a friend I made that lived next to me in a block of flats I was living in at the time with my mum and non-biological dad.

My dad was nice sometimes but there was a lot of neglect to me, and I didn’t get a lot of his time and understanding about things. He wasn’t the worst by any means but yeah. My real dad is in jail for being addicted to heroin and selling it on the streets. He was so bad that he robbed stores at gunpoint for money to buy heroin.

Some time passed and my mum split up with my non-biological father, which caused a lot more upset and depression.  So I smoked more and more weed and isolated myself more and more, to the point where it’s been about 7 years and I’m now 20 years old and I’m the worst I have ever been. Although when I turned 18 I was kicked out of the family house because my mum decided she didn’t want me around anymore because my behaviour hadn’t changed.  I was bringing drugs into the house all the time.  I ended up in a homeless hostel for 2 years. I have finally got myself my own flat where I live by myself. My attitude and personality has had a straight 180.  I used to be really bad in general, but now I really care about things and people. I don’t take things for granted anymore. I really appreciate my family and love unconditionally. I’m honestly a different person but I have some personal demons that won’t ever leave me. I’m gonna keep fighting and try to turn all my negative stuff in life into positive things that can help the world and others.

Juice has made such a huge impact on my depression, and he has allowed me to essentially stay alive and not end my life. I don’t think I would have any reason to be here anymore if it wasn’t from the support from my family and Juice himself. I wish I had a chance to meet him because I see so much of myself in him.