Hello Everyone,

When I first moved for college, I met a lot of people who I thought we’re my friends. We started off simple, such as smoking or drinking alcohol at parties. When that wasn’t making me happy anymore, I started to get handed stronger stuff such as LSD, Ecstasy, and Xanax from my peers. It was all fun and games until one night I was under the influence of drugs, and I passed out in my bathtub. I stopped breathing and was unconscious. I woke up a couple minutes later to my girlfriend crying thinking I was dead. I was scared for my life. I needed help. I moved back to my hometown to get mental help. My withdrawal symptoms were the scariest thing I’ve felt in my life. From nightmares to panic attacks and chest pains, it was awful. I’ve been almost two years clean from drugs, which I’m very proud of. I still struggle with alcohol today, but I am getting help for it. From my experience with drugs, I definitely will say it’s not worth the try. It will ruin your whole life physically and mentally. If you are going through anxiety or substance abuse, from experience there is always a way out no matter how deep you’re in. Livefree999 and Juice Wrld is a great example that shows we’re not alone in this. You’re strong and you’re loved. All of you have what it takes to overcome your battles.