I’d first like to say to anyone reading this…You are worth something.

I’ll try to summarize everything in at least a few paragraphs. I’ve always been a Juice WRLD fan… Since his 999 EP dropped. I was in middle school at the time, people called me weird, fat, ugly, all kinds of names. They said I’m always listening to weird music, I wore the lamest clothes, I needed my hairline fixed. It was funny to see them hop on the wave when GB&GR dropped. I chose to stay humble. But Juice’s music really started to hit me in ninth grade. I was talking to this girl…We talked for about a month, and long story short she curbed me. She embarrassed me in front of my whole class. I did nothing about it as far as retorting to her actions. I instead chose to take my lingering anger out on other people. I shouldn’t have done so. So, skip to December…8…2019, I was getting out of the shower, I was happy as heck, was jamming to I’m Still. Then I heard the lady on the radio say “RIP Juice WRLD.” I couldn’t do anything but get upset and cry because my Mom told me “Wait till the next Rolling Loud to see him.” From that day forward I chose to follow the message behind 999, because I have always tried to turn negative energy into something positive. I even started diving deep into Juice’s old interviews, old freestyles, and even old tweets because I wanted to understand why he had such an impact on me as a person. What has been most traumatizing to me recently was me being recorded using the bathroom in school, and it was posted on social media. I was contemplating suicide. I even overdosed but thank the Lord I’m still here to tell my story. I have even started trying to pursue a music career because I forgot to mention I have a writing talent. Even though the video still haunts me….and people who have never met me know me by it; I am still pursuing to become someone that is remembered. I want to send a message to someone out there that I’ve been through something alike to them. And honestly…who cares if you’re weird, I like to set my own trends. Being original isn’t a thing anymore, and it’s sad…but all of my writing is original…and I’m going to get clowned for it…but as long as someone is hearing my message…that is all I care about. The number 999 has such a broad, extraordinary, influencing, and empowering meaning to it

Anyone who reads this…if you’ve made it this far…to this day, hour, minute, second. You are worth something! No one is stopping you from being yourself but you…I know it sounds easy to be yourself, and it isn’t. But most importantly…If you don’t love yourself, how can you love someone else. It starts with the soul, mindset. Keep going! I know you have a future to look forward to! Be you! “Sometimes it just be hard man, everybody got they demons, everybody got they vices, everybody got they own opinion on what life is…” – Juice WRLD