I’m from the United Kingdom, it’s weird with my story but anyways, I’ve suffered from bipolar ever since I was 14. Now I’m 16 and it’s a very risky to talk about this to your friends or pears because they think you are crazy. Ever since my friend got me into Juice WRLD in 2017, I really felt the emotional connection between his music and the message he gives to the youth. He was really my mentor and idol.  I was planning to go his concert but that never happened.  I still remember the day I was allowed to buy the tickets. This feeling isn’t for eternity, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, so if u think your alone just know there’s someone out there going through the same sh as you.  Keep a smile on your face at all times and live life to the fullest.  999🖤🤝🏽