I wanted to share my story because Juice Wrld has touched my heart and soul in ways I cannot fathom. I started listening to him after Lucid Dreams and fell in love with his sound cloud releases. He really speaks truth in his music and Juice Wrld is a genius with a heart bigger than this world. He cared about his fans so much that he delivered messages to help us get through different difficulties in life. He went through a lot just like we all do. I was suicidal in my teens because my adopted parents were very abusive physically and mentally. My only hope was my first boyfriend; I would sneak out at night just to get away and be with him to feel better from a wrecked life. I ran off one night before I had a boyfriend and I was planning to jump in-front of the highway, I was about 16 years old. I always felt lost with my adopted parents, like they didn’t love me because they never told me so. Then at 19 years old when a different relationship with a different boyfriend went downhill, I felt lost and detached and abandoned again, so I went to the highway once again at night. Looking back it’s crazy what I was thinking of doing.  I’m so glad I got a message in my head telling me to not to do it all those times I attempted to. I would just go crying out to the highway in the middle of the night and stare at the cars going fast thinking it wouldn’t hurt that bad. I was receiving a message from God saying there is so much more to life than what I was going through. God will not give you anything you can’t handle and if you accept Him, he will be with you forever. I think With Juice Wrld’s art, his main message to his audience is to just keep going and stay true to yourself. I will never stop listening to Juice Wrld, thank you for your sweet gift, may you rest in peace with the rest of the angels brother, we love you.