When I was thirteen, I started having depression and anxiety. I was being emotionally abused and manipulated by some of my teachers because I’m neurodivergent, queer, and struggling with mental health. Certain teachers tried to change who I was because they didn’t like that I was different. In grade nine, I started to get bullied by students almost every day, calling me immature for having other interests and dressing differently. It caused me even more anxiety and depression. However, I found Juice when I was thirteen on the school holidays. When I listened to his music for the first time, I felt like someone understood what I was going through and had similar struggles with me. Throughout high school, I’d listen to his music whether I was happy or sad, and I felt like someone cared about me.

Now I’m out of school, and whilst I’m (legally) medicated for my anxiety and depression, I have a job and am very happy in life. I still listen to Juice’s music; it always makes me feel like someone cares about me, and whenever I watch Juice’s videos, it instantly causes me to be happy because of his infectious joy and hilarious sense of humour. 

Thank you, Juice; I will always love you for saving me!

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