My story, it’s very similar to Jarad’s at certain things in his life. I was brought up in a normal family with decently well-paid parents, but we still lived in the ghetto. Pretty early in my teens we noticed I got ADD with concentration problems. Including depression with social anxiety. At the age of 12-13 I was put on “medical stimulants” because of my ADD that put me in a dark spiral. My depression grew stronger because I couldn’t be around my friends due to my anxiety.  Home all day, getting bad grades, spent more time alone. Found enjoyment in games but as my depression grew stronger, I lost interest in everything. I felt empty and suicidal from 12-19 years old (still am at 23). When I was 19, my best friend I spent at least 12 hours with each other. They had an overdose from heroin, Xanax, and most likely Percocet. Before this I never touched cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol even with bad depression. When my best friend died, I couldn’t take it anymore. I NEEDED something or else I’d jump in front of a train. I was dumb and young with racing thoughts.

So from here started my drug journey. I went from being disgusted from drugs to craving it. Straight on I went to Xanax and a Vodka streak. I was so reckless, so I wanted to try most mainstream drugs. For 4 semesters I was doing Xanax, LSD, Alcohol, Molly, Fent and list goes on. EVERY SINGLE DAY it was some sort of drug and since I didn’t care I took more than the recommended amount. Eventually one night in late October couple of days before the date my best friend passed, I decided to take 4 80mg Oxys, 10-15 ecstasy pills, 1g coke, 5g meth, 100 Xans. (God knows how much of everything I consumed). I woke up 6 days later from a coma at the ER. I was hospitalized for 2.5 months. This was a wakeup call to me that I can’t do drugs recklessly. I had to learn how to walk again and all that. No psychiatrist or anything helped me. I tried all professional help possible.

But do you think I learnt my lesson to sober up and take care of my life and go back and get my education? Noo… I’m still smoking weed and doing benzos daily. But things like opioids/opiates, stimulants, etc. less often and in “moderate” doses to get the high.

Life is a hard road, many of us suffer from some sort of problem. But you’re not alone. I really wanted to share my story. Because at those moments when you’re in a coma, you should know that EVERY SINGLE person that knows you at least slightly will be worried you won’t wake up. You won’t believe of many friends or family cares for you. I have never gotten that loved ever in my life at the ER. 

Don’t do drugs, they ruin your friendships, family relations, your own life, Everything. 

Enjoy every day as its your last one. Spend time with the ones you love. Do hobbies you enjoy. I’m pushing it really hard to not relapse real hard again. Stay safe everyone.