I am a 36 yr old husband, father, mental health advocate, & content creator on Twitch. Not to mention a huge fan of Jarad’s music and message. I grew up in a house dominated by domestic violence and alcohol abuse. Growing up in my house depression, anxiety, and abuse was as normal for me as going to school. Not having anyone to talk to made things very difficult. As I got older, I found ecstasy, weed, & alcohol as an acceptable way to numb myself to the things I’ve been through. Listening to Jarad’s music made me feel for the first time that someone out there was actually inside my own head. Someone understood my pain and sadness and confusion. His words echoed the thoughts that I wrestled with and continue to work on today. Therein is the “silver lining”. The message in his music that it gets better and I’m not alone keeps me going and it’s a message I spread daily to as many as I can.