My inability to find healthy coping mechanisms to deal with hard feelings led me down a route of addiction and destruction. I would find relief in the fact Juice Wrld, someone close to my age, dealing with demons even in the face of Fame (likely considerably different from a normal life, but what’s normal?) I just connected so deep with Juice, his lyrics just resonated with me in different ways, it wasn’t an artist I listened to it, it became how I felt my emotions and truly channeled my feelings. Such a well spoken artist, paints such a vivid image. I lost a lot in my addiction but have redeemed myself, put it down. I decided life over pain and struggling and certain inevitable death. I got 999 tattoo’d on my leg a few years back, not because I liked Juice Wrld’s music but because he saved my life. I wake up and thank God I’m still alive. I wake up and thank God I had a lifeline in Juice Wrld’s music. Thanks to him and application of the 999 mindset, I’ve been freed of my addiction and can live and appreciate life for what it is.

#LLJW #999 🫶🏽

Special shout out to Mama Wrld! I love your page and your mission! 🫣