Before i tell you my story, i gotta sing it to you.

Music is the only thing I love that keeps me away from anxiety. I found my way out of hell and i want you to do the same. Listen to your soul, listen to your inner angel. Anyway, i might be young, but i have some wisdom to share with you so here are my advices on surviving your journey through hell:

9. Life becomes beautiful when you learn to find peace and appeasement through your tears. Pain is part of happiness so you gotta accept it as you accept happiness with opened arms

9. Nothing can disturb your inner peace if you don’t allow it to. When I was locked, by the age of 15-16, I was more happy than I had ever been, because I learned to be free. Being free is a matter of mindset not a matter of situation, substance or whatever. Freedom is what you create deep down inside of you. Freedom is inner peace and nothing but you can reach it

9. Get rid of drugs. The two first tips are essential in your journey through anxiety. Drugs only get you deeper in it and one day for one reason or another, you’ll have to be sober. That day, if you are not ready, the devil will be. His name; anxiety. The sooner youre sober the better it is. Drugs keep you from having full control of your mind thus your life, thus YOUR happiness, this is the whole problem of it.

This is my first message to you. My next is my music. I will stay anonymous but at a point in your life, when you are ready, you will hear a story that makes this message make sense. Until then, stick to it, stick to your happiness, and do anything you can to have the last word on anxiety.
Find peace, enjoy the ride and Live Free 999

A friendly ghost writer