You Are Not Alone

#999Stories of Mental Health

Live Free 999 encourages everyone to speak openly about mental health. In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, we have created this space to share the stories sent to us from our audience to inspire others to share their own journeys, creating a virtual story-telling chain of community and support.

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Anonymous Submission

I’m glad I’m not alone but it has taken almost 6 years to get as mentally healthy as I am. After a really toxic relationship from when I was 13-14. It took me all those years of going through pill addictions, speeding everywhere I went, liquor problems, getting too high, felonies, funerals, psychiatric hospitals, and the list goes on. I really don’t know how I’ve made it this far with my MDD, general anxiety, and suicide attempts/thoughts but I’m here

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Merlin’s Story

Hello, I am 12 years old and I am going to turn 13 in 3 weeks from now. I have listened to juice since I was 9 years old and to know that he has passed is truly horrible. My father when I was 7 years old had an extreme drug problem because of depression. He had died the following year that our mother had to leave. My mother left because she didn’t want me to spiral into a drug

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Alex’s Story

Ever since I was adopted at 7 months I was always treated miserably. Growing up I always felt like I wasn’t needed and that I didn’t have anyone. At around 16 years old, that’s when I started smoking to get rid of the numbness. I started cutting, multiple suicide attempts. My adoptive parents or anyone else really understood what I was feeling until I finally found help through Juice’s music and I realized that I wasn’t alone. That’s when I

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Killian’s Story

I‘m 17 years old now, turning 18 in a few weeks. I‘m from Germany, growing up in a normal middle class home. When I was 10 my parents started to argue for a few years. I was just too young to understand and it left me scarred since a few years. It was 2018 when I had lost some interest in things I liked. But I didn’t realize that it was a Depression until 2020. It was Summer 2020, around

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Christoffer’s Story

Hi, idk how to write this or if I have the right to even post this. For a really long time i’ve felt really stressed over basically life. In the beginning I thought it was kinda normal so I talked about it to friends but after their reactions I noticed it wasn’t common. So I started to hide how I felt since I didn’t want to seem weak or pathetic for feeling stressed. Last year, I got really depressed and

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Gabriella’s Story

When I was a little girl I always use to struggle with severe anxiety and moderate depression. It was really hard for me to do certain things because I had a step dad that would verbally abuse me. My biological father left when I was a baby but he came back when I was 5. I had a very strong relationship with my father. But my mother got worse and worse she kept dating men that would hurt me and

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