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#999Stories of Mental Health

Live Free 999 encourages everyone to speak openly about mental health. We have created a space to share the stories sent to us from our audience to inspire others to share their own journeys, creating a virtual story-telling chain of community and support.

Want to join the conversation? Share your story with us.

Notice: Some of the stories shared may contain topics that could be emotionally triggering to some members of our audience. Topics such as suicide, self-harm, substance abuse, and trauma are discussed.

Will’s Story

Growing up I had it tough, won’t get into detail or disorders, but my freshman year I was a bottle a night drinker, sophomore year I caught my first felony, junior year my second; right now I’m pulling myself outta that place slowly, heading into my senior year with great gym progress, healthy as can be, enlisting in the marines,

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Casey’s Story

Hi, my name’s Casey, and over the last 5 years or so, I have been struggling with depression, anxiety, substance abuse and feeling like a misfit. Ever since I was 13, Juice’s music has helped me in such a way I didn’t even know was possible. Towards the end of 2021, I tried to take my own life by taking a

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Anonymous Submission

I’ve been dealing with depression for longer than I can actually remember. Things happened to me as a child and after that I lost some really important people in my life which all those things started my depression cycle. Before I ever thought the option to get help was available to me, I endured some abuse, dealt with abandonment issues

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Mando’s Story

This October marked the third year of my divorce. Wife of five years confessed she had been unfaithful and it really sent broke me. This was my “high school sweetheart”, I girl I met since middle school and truly saw myself spending the rest of my life with. Any ways, I fell into a deep depression and I wouldn’t leave

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McCalia’s Story

Hi my name is McCalia, I’m 19 and I’m a recovering addict from pills, on March 31 2023 I overdosed on Xanax in my friends living room and I’m only alive because of her finding me and I’m only sober now because of her support and love no matter what. I just want to say if your going through substance

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James’ Story

My name is James, and I’m a recovering heroin/substance addict. I say heroin because that’s my drug of choice. I started using drugs at the age of 13.  The household I was born into was to both alcoholic/addicted to drugs. That was the environment I was in until other family members assisted in adopting my sister and I.  My drug

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Autumn’s Story

Hi I’m Autumn. Since I’ve turned 18 I’ve been struggling with mental health issues and after going to a hospital for the first time they put me on k pins and I immediately got addicted to them.. I was taking them whenever I wanted etc. one day I decided to take the rest of my bottle and had to go

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Lip’s Story

Life’s been getting hard lately and I am trying to hold on. I feel as if I overthink every situation while assuming the worse possible outcome, often an outcome that is irrational. It’s getting harder and harder to overcome, I feel as if I am delusional at times. I’ve been struggling with determining what is true and not true I’m

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Rob’s Story

My name is Rob, I grew up always feeling different. I was diagnosed early with ADHD and prescribed Adderall. Then later in life after a few dirt bike injuries I discovered oxy and have been fighting an addiction my whole life. I recently just got out of rehab and today I am sober. I relate to Juice wrld’s music very

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