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#999Stories of Mental Health

Live Free 999 encourages everyone to speak openly about mental health. In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, we have created this space to share the stories sent to us from our audience to inspire others to share their own journeys, creating a virtual story-telling chain of community and support.

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Parsnip’s Story

I’m from the United Kingdom, it’s weird with my story but anyways, I’ve suffered from bipolar ever since I was 14. Now I’m 16 and it’s a very risky to talk about this to your friends or pears because they think you are crazy. Ever since my friend got me into Juice WRLD in 2017, I really felt the emotional connection between his music and the message he gives to the youth. He was really my mentor and idol.  I

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Darkwrld999’s Story

I used to bottle up my pain for years until I found Juice’s music in 2018. After hearing his music, I felt like I was going through the things he was. When I heard that he died, I didn’t know who I was anymore but his music helps me get through the tough times. I just want to thank Juice for what he did for the world. I’m glad he made it in the music industry because I know he

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Perla’s Story

I’m 17 and I’m not diagnosed with anxiety or depression, but I know I’ve have had them for a long time. I live in a toxic household which I really wish I could get out of, but there is no way I can. I have an abusive mother that treated me unfairly and badly since I was very young, and overtime things were getting worse. I started to think of using drugs, but never did because I didn’t want to

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Mareon’s Story

Man, I don’t even know where to start… My childhood was all okay until middle school. I guess you can say puberty and changes was going through my body along with getting bullied and criticized for doing bad in school.  In high school it only got worse. Freshman year was alright until sophomore year came, and it was terrible. I transferred schools to play basketball and to be with my ex, but it turned out I didn’t even make the

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Max’s Story

When I was around seven my mother passed away from breast cancer. When I was 10 my house burnt down. When I was 13 my best friend died. I have dealt with major depression throughout my life. It has been hard because I did not allow myself to cope because I decided to be the happy one. Only recently have I allowed myself to cope. For a long time, I was lost, until December 5, 2019 when I ran across

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Branden’s Story

My name is Branden. I’m 36 years of age. At this point in my life I never thought I needed help. Sometimes still don’t think I need help. I’m starting to realize I could have been more successful in life if I stayed more focused. It’s hard to explain because I was always focused. It just got harder as I got older. Now my son is 13 and I’m doing my best with my business so I can leave him

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